Viva, Las Vegas!

So, I know what you’re thinking. “You just blogged about going to Pennsylvania to plan your wedding for next May 18th. So, what is all this Vegas nonsense?” Well, I am very glad you asked. 🙂 When Mark proposed, he was really excited about the idea of getting married in one of our favorite cities. The … Continue reading

Selecting the Date

We went to PA intent on keeping an open mind about a possible wedding date. We didn’t want to be so in love with a date that we would walk away from the perfect venue just because they didn’t have our date. I won’t lie. I wanted April 13…but there were pretty strong objections to … Continue reading

Making the Arrangements

Since we are getting married (way) out of state, we had to make as many arrangements as possible in a single week long trip to Pennsylvania.  Our trip  was booked solely for the purpose of planning our wedding. Much as I love the relaxing nature of the woods and the mountains and getting to spend time … Continue reading

The (Star Wars) Proposal Story

Before I dive into the wedding planning, I thought I had better start at the beginning. So, here it is. Our Proposal Story. The weekend of March 16th to the 18th a couple of our closest friends accompanied Mark and I to WonderCon, a pop culture/comic book convention in Anaheim. You can see the posts … Continue reading

Because Life Is Never Ordinary

It is Halloween Eve, and a beautiful 60 degree night here in Los Angeles. I’m not really sure the science behind it, but Halloween seems to be a favorite day in the eyes of most nerds I know. That is definitely the case for my husband and I. I mean, okay, LOTS of people love … Continue reading